ESE & Associates

Mopar Dash & Wiring Restoration
Instrument Clusters • Electronics
Chroming • Cosmetic Repairs
Woodgrain • Trim • Plastic
For service call Scott at 630-363-7334

As an introduction, we restore all dash parts, trim bezels, electronics, and wire harnesses as a hobby and a side business under ESE & Associates, Inc. Basically anything that has a wire going into it….we restore. A complete restoration is done from repairs, gauge calibration, cosmetic work, polishing, lettering, chroming, silk screening, woodgrain, etc. In the end, we bring dash parts closely back to original Chrysler-correct condition to either show or concourse levels.

The business: We are a member of the Chicago Mopar Club with 600+ members. We are not a large resto shop with high over-head like rent, utilities, buildings, etc. so our prices are reasonable. We have worked for guys in the club but now expanded throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Generally parts are pulled then sent or brought in for inspection. We then come to an agreement on the restoration costs. We also do regular projects for businesses like or So far we have restored 220+ since 1999.

Turn-around: During the winter months we are busy. Projects show up at a rate of 2/week and our volume is ~ 20/year. While our prices are low, the turn-around can be 2-3 months unless there is a special request. In the summer we take orders but work at a slower rate.

Trade-in: We will make a fair offer based on condition because these parts can be used on projects for other owners.

Payment: We accept money orders, cashiers checks, Paypal, or Western Union. Personal or business checks.

Background: I am an electo/mechanical engineer working with precision machines. As technical as my daily work life is, I really enjoy Mopar restoration more than anything after-hours.

Packing instructions: Caution, when packing use plenty of bubble wrap or foam to survive a 3’ drop test. Do not use paper because it crushes with weight. On B-body ralley remove the vacuum light switch, washer switch, and definitely the front trim bezel to avoid breakage. Pack parts separately and insure for ($2-300) to recover costs from loss or damage.

Please feel free to call us and have a look at the price sheet below.