AMD Installations





At AMD Installations restoring body shells is our only business. We not only have several years experience in this industry, we also have several years in designing and moving this style of repair ahead. We are the original company devoted to body rebuilding only. Our goal is simple: the best repair bar none using OE-by-design panels installed as the factory installed them at a fixed cost and quick return time.

We are devoted to solving two issues that have taken the fun out of building cars: the first issue, how much will it cost? We have up front pricing; and the second issue, how long will this take? Our normal turn around time is 30 days.

So if your 68-70 Mopar ‘B’ body or 70-74 Mopar ‘E’ body needs body panel replacements, visit our site and use our easy as 1, 2, 3 policy and estimator that takes all of the guess work out of your project: 1. Agreed on price before the work start; 2. Pay for your parts when the car is dropped off; 3. Pay the remainder upon completion.

Your car is in capable hands. We designed this style of repair for classic muscle cars working directly with the manufacturer of OE-by-design panels. We design and fabricate our proprietary factory style assembly tables in house. To insure proper factory style welding, our welding equipment is certified by every auto manufacturer.

We are here to help you overcome that first hurdle. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Visit or site, give us a call or email us.
Thank you, Craig Hopkins